Higlights Of the Summit

Highlights Of The Summit

ARANYANI First Docu Fest of NE on Environment

Few selective, incredible planet-centric and environmentally conscious documentaries will introduce you to some of the most inspiring people working tirelessly to preserve our earth. Whether you’re looking to admire Earth’s beauty or gain some perspective on the challenges it faces, the documentaries are sure to awaken and inspire you instantly.

Art Walk

(Theme: GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE NE INDIA THROUGH ART) CONCEPT: In the art component of Northeast Green Summit 2023, renowned artistes from across Northeast India would showcase various nature-inspired sustainable art forms in a demarcated zone. During this 3-day component in the lap of nature, the school/college students of the region and beyond will be encouraged to learn and interact with the artistes besides engaging in live activities in creating art & craft inspired by nature. There will be a special pavilion where artisans of various tribal communities of Northeast India will be giving live demonstration of various handicraft works like jewelry making, Manipuri & Tripuri traditional craft work, molding, wildlife painting on canvas, portrait making etc. Visitors would also be able to buy and learn the basics of making exquisite tribal art and crafts, jewellery, paintings and other products during the workshop. Other live activities would be an art competition amongst school students on the theme of “Balancing People, Planet, Profit in Northeast India.

Green Music: Rhythm of the Hills

The Northeast is covered with high hills, verdant forests teeming with vibrant wildlife, sheer cliffs and breath-taking waterfalls. Music, dance and theatre inspired by the nature of the Northeast, which are often linked to the glory of the people of Northeast and also depicting the cultural mosaic of the region, would be showcased. This component would be held during two evenings of the Summit.

Workshop on indigenous tribes-inspired sustainable technologies

Indigenous tribes-inspired sustainable technologies is basically scouting for those technologies which are originating from tribal lifestyle and which can be scaled up and used in some other context. For example, there are some tribes who are using some medicinal plants which can be used in very specific cases like gastrointestinal disorders. The other medications which are synthetic drug molecules and not a very environmental friendly solution, can be replaced by herbal products inspired by the tribal ethno-medicinal practices. So, this session on indigenous tribes-inspired sustainable technologies will have representation from indigenous tribes, but at the same time, people from the scientific community who are working on or who are studying these technologies will also be participating and checking out the sustainability suitability and if required, whether some kind of customization is possible or not.

Yoga And Nature

In this segment of the Summit, we weave yoga and nature together in a way that dissolves the boundaries between them. Experience all of these in the picturesque misty forest of NEPA campus and increase your sphere of awareness.

Jungle Trail

The aim of Jungle Trail is nature exploration, awareness and conservation of the eco system. Every Summit, nature walks are conducted in different ecosystems with the active participation of people from all age groups and disciplines. The nature walk through jungle terrain aims to ignite young minds in nature study, especially school & college students. The programme intends to strengthen the communities associated with the flora and fauna and also welcome nature enthusiasts all over the globe to come and sustainably indulge in its conservation and exploration.

Green Awards

To acknowledge the efforts of various groups and departments engaged in sustainable development and conservation activities across the region, the Northeast green summit honours various unique initiatives every year. During previous summits, the organizers feted Arunachal Pradesh forest department represented by Forest Minister, Shri Mama Natung for the Airgun surrender Abhiyaan and Manas Maozigendri Eco Tourism Society for turning former poachers into conservationists’ at the Manas National Park in Assam.

Northeast Zero Waste Meetup

Northeast Zero Waste Meetup, a component of the Summit, is a Zero Waste Extravaganza which includes competitions for schools and institutions to showcase their ideas, music performances and filmmaking skills in order to create a regenerative planet. It would provide a chance to meet and learn through the inspirational journeys of people who have done seminal work in the realm of sustainability from all over India, besides a bouquet of Eco-Friendly independent grass root business ventures who would be showcasing sustainable endeavours.

Register for ZERO WASTE MEET UP here: Please fill up the google form after the successful payment.

Zero Waste Event Management of Northeast Green Summit

Presenting the first ever Zero Waste Summit of Northeastern region of India, where it shall be ensured from the begining that all the waste generated in the event is reduced and recycled, with a special focus on bringing the issue of waste into the limelight by interactive/educative installations and people participation in waste segregation.

Showcase of Green Products

Various stalls featuring a wide range of eco-friendly sustainable products will be set up, with special highlight on Expo of medicinal plant technologies and Exhibition & sale of traditional foods of NE India & BIMSTEC countries. STATE AND COUNTRY STALLS ON GREEN INITIATIVES: A healthy planet is a necessary condition to guarantee decent work, productive enterprises and sustainable livelihoods. Various State & Country (BIMSTEC) will set up stalls on green initiatives that empower all stakeholders to create and innovate to achieve a green future.

Indigenous Story Telling

Storytelling is the beating heart of indigenous culture as it is the primary way in which their history has been recorded. Today, the practice of storytelling sustains communities, validates experiences, nurtures relationships and serves as a form of important cultural continuation for indigenous peoples. It is the role of elders within communities to pass on their knowledge and wisdom to the younger generations through storytelling – something which will be showcased during the Summit. The life lessons taught through these stories provide an essential way of young people being able to make sense of the world and establish conservation and cultural beliefs.

* Programme/ Components are subject to last minute changes